As a couple, your relationship can provide a wonderful environment for both of you to grow. That said, each of you (like all of us) has hurts that can get in the way of you interacting honestly and openly, and making the most of what is available to you. As a PACT therapist, my goal is to move the two of you toward secure functioning so that you know that your partner has your back. That kind of security lets each of you experience both independence from and reliance on your partner.


Two-on-Two Couple Counselling – a unique option

You have the choice of meeting with me and Steve Fick for Two-on-Two Counselling.

As Life Partners for 37 years and as Relationship Coaches for 8 years, we bring a wealth of experience. We are authentic and model a relationship that has grown and strengthened over the years. We listen non-judgmentally and hear your difficulties with empathy and respect. Bringing both male and female perspectives to your relationship challenges, we demonstrate healthy interactions and help you recognize and change your unproductive patterns.


Signy Fridriksson is an associate with Capital Choice Counselling Group