The Image


The image at the top of the page is a detail from a painting entitled Waterfalls, Late December Dusk painted by my husband,  Steven Fick. This painting hangs in my counselling room. It is there to bring a message of hope to my clients.


The location is Balls Falls Conservation Area, near St. Catharines, Ontario. The brown, turbulent waters are lit by the late-day sun, which also highlights the spray and foam. Despite the tumbling passion of the waterfalls, this image speaks to me of hope. Even when things seem at their darkest, when thoughts are jumbled, when we feel lost and confused, the sun still shines. Hope brings to our attention the goodness that is available in each day, and helps us face the challenges life presents for us.

My logo reflects the colours of this painting, and represents energy swirling inward toward wholeness.

Signy Fridriksson is an associate with Capital Choice Counselling Group