Welcoming All Couples!

Whether you are recently together or long-time partners, same-sex or hetero, young or old, married, common-law, or living in separate homes — All couples face challenges in their journeys together. Whatever difficulty you are currently facing, an outside perspective can be very helpful for finding the way forward!

Helping your relationship thrive

Your relationship can provide a wonderful environment for both of you to grow. That said, all of us have hurts that can get in the way of our honest and open interactions.

My goal is to move the two of you to greater security with each other, help you to be allies to one another and allow you to experience both independence from and reliance on your partner.

Stuck at a crossroads?

Not sure whether your relationship should continue? Feeling lost and confused? I can help you recognize the positives from your past and clarify your goals as you move toward a renewed commitment or onto separate lives. My goal is guide you both to communicate honestly and authentically so that you can negotiate important matters for the future.

Two-on-Two Counselling – a unique option*

You also have the option of having some 2-on-2 Couple Counselling sessions with Steven Fick and me. Steve has been a Relationship Coach for 11 years, and has assisted in my counselling practice for the past 5 years.

We are a real couple, married for 41 years. Our relationship has grown and strengthened as we have shared our joys and difficulties. We bring both male and female perspectives to your relationship challenges, and demonstrate healthy interactions.

We listen non-judgmentally and hear you both with empathy and respect. We help you recognize and change your unproductive patterns.

* As Steve Fick is only available to see four couples, his counselling schedule may be full. If you are interested in 2-on-2 Couple Counselling, you have the choice of meeting with Signy until both of us are available, or being added to our waiting list.


Signy Fridriksson is an associate with Capital Choice Counselling Group under consultation with Martin Rovers, PhD and Kathryn Guthrie, RP.