The full fee for counselling and psychotherapy with Signy is $140/hour plus HST.  Generally, Individual sessions are 1 hour ($146.90)* and Couple sessions are 1.5 hours ($237.30)*.

If Steven Fick joins us for 2-on-2 Couple Counselling, there is $160 /hour plus HST, so a 1.5 hour session is $271.20*.

I am supervised by a registered psychologist, so my counselling services are covered by most workplace and private insurance plans.

Any amount not covered by insurance is claimable on your income tax as a medical expense.

* I offer a sliding scale ranging from $100-$140 or $160

  • If my full fee presents a financial difficulty, please contact me to discuss what would be more manageable for you or I can suggest other options to suit your budget.


Signy Fridriksson is an associate with Capital Choice Counselling Group